Stainless steel table

Style virobnichy – in the kitchen is not replaced by ric. Vikoristovuєtsya, for processing products. You can serve as a support for additional possession. Steel can be made from stainless steel or from black metal and coated with powder headlight. The stylnitsa is made from stainless steel. The police are ready to use the steel, they can be made stronger by the frame or by the ribs of the stiffness. The table can be adjusted by height. It can be easily seen for individual armchairs and technical characteristics.

  • Visota – 850 mm, depth – 600 mm as standard, or for replacement.
  • Width 500-1800 mm
  • Frame material – profile pipe 30×30, stainless steel abo ST3
  • Steel material – stainless steel, thickness 0.8 mm.
  • For housekeeping can be installed. The base material of the bed is 18 mm chipboard.
  • Nіzhki – on a regular basis