Our production

Diesel generator casings and containers

  • Diesel generator container
  • Conditioner casing
  • Casing for a diesel generator

Ceramic tile stands

  • Stand Book
  • Stand Cube
  • Stand Slider
  • Tree stand
  • Step stand
  • Stand for paints

HoReCa supports and frames

  • Supports for HoReCa tables
  • Table legs classic
  • Supports for office tables

Lighting poles

  • Street lighting poles

Our services

Laser cutting of metal

We provide our clients with the optimal cutting and cutting metal.

Steel structures and welding works

Creation of metal structures of any complexity according to the customer's drawings.

Metal bending

Bending of products of any complexity.

Powder coating

We carry out powder painting of products on the RAL scale.

Full cycle metal processing service

We provide our customers with all metal processing services.

Design development

We can develop design documentation to order

Why us?

1. No restrictions

Our own design office, everyone will get what they want.

2. High quality

We guarantee the highest quality of all our work.

3. Self confidence

Everyone can get advice on questions for 5 minutes.

4. Delivery

You can receive your order anywhere in the country.

How we are working?

  • 1. Order
  • 2. Free consultation
  • 3. Free rendering
  • 4. Signature of design documentation
  • 5. Prepayment 70%
  • 6. Manufacturing of goods
  • 7. Payment 30%
  • 8. Shipment of goods



Casing for a diesel generator


Stand Siltek


Pillar HoReCa


Loft style furniture


Rack for office


Rack for POS materials


Metal frame for fireplace


Stand for steps made of ceramic tiles


Furniture for restaurant "Il Molino" in Kyiv


Show room


Container for generator


Umbrella stand

Our partners


Metal fuel canisters

Novelty! Canisters for fuel of 10 l and 20 l.

Powder painting at TD Altkon plant

Our powder coating line can hold products up to 6.5 meters length.

Laser cutting of metal at TD Altkon plant

The summer began with the replenishment of the machine tool base. He now works in the plant's arsenal high-precision laser machine AMARIS