Stand Book

For the ceramic tile established in a trading hall, allow to use correctly and economically all its area.

Each sample is a convenient, durable, thoughtful solution with a functional design and attractive appearance.

Tiles placed on special stands immediately give the buyer the opportunity to visualize how it will look in the interior of his home, which, in turn, makes the choice not only simpler and more convenient, but also more balanced and conscious.

The stand in standard execution is calculated on 12 pages.

Standard external dimensions of the stand:

  • Height 2100 mm.
  • Width 1600 mm
  • Depth without page 700 mm.
  • Depth taking into account pages 945 mm.
  • Dimensional pages: 1845×810 mm.
  • LED backlight Standard page configuration not included.
  • Color page and frame of the customer’s choice according to the RAL scale.