Non-standard products

Stainless steel table

A production table - a thing is not replaceable in the kitchen. Used to process food. Can serve as a support for auxiliary equipment. The table can be made of stainless steel or ferrous metal and covered...

Stairs, railings

Gardening for descents and balconies, railings and handrails from metal.

Furniture for cafes and bars

Furniture for cafes and bars We will make furniture in LOFT style for cafe, bars, restaurants, hotels. Production is possible both standard products, and under the order. Production of separate metal frameworks, and finished products – with a tree, a chipboard, MDF, etc. is possible.


Racks We make standard all-welded and collapsible racks for office and at home, on the individual sizes. Material – a framework from a metal pipe, regiments can be ordered both wooden, and a chipboard. We make the strengthened racks for org equipment, etc. Coating – powder coating on the RAL scale.

Decor in the style of LOFT

Decor in the style of LOFT Production of decorative elements from metal and wood in Loft style for the needs of cafes / bars / restaurants / hotels. Decor for private apartments and houses by individual orders.

Stainless steel elevator portals

Elevator portals are used to frame elevator entrances.