Casing for a diesel generator

A metal casing for a diesel generator is the best protection of the equipment from bad weather and significantly absorbs noise during its operation. The all-weather noise-absorbing cover is used to install portable power plants with a capacity of 3 to 15 KVA in open areas.

It is designed to protect the power plant from all types of precipitation and minimize engine noise during power plant operation, and forced cooling of the generator by an exhaust fan.

Noise-absorbing cover is a profitable alternative to special rooms.

Dimensions (L x W x H, mm) standard 1200x750x800mm. Complete set: support under anchor fastening, without mounting fastenings. Power up to 20 KVA.

The design includes:

1. Vibration and noise insulation of 20 mm.

2. Blind grilles 2 pcs., for optimal cooling of the engine compartment.

3. Exhaust fan – snail.

4. Gas shock absorbers.

5. Muffler direct flow to the exhaust pipe from the outside.

6. Additional zinc primer (if the hood will be outdoors).

Maintenance: for refueling and maintenance there are doors on top and removable side panels – access to the generator on each side.

Assembly: on-site assembly of DGU (possibly in production).

Assembled completely (doors, panels, roof). Degree of protection – IP54. We will also design and manufacture the case to your individual order. We have our own design department. Be sure to sign the contract. We work by cashless payment with VAT. We accept individual orders.