Production of metal structures in Kyiv

Metal construction is a combination of several elements into one, made of various metals and alloys. Metal structures can be standard, typical and non-standard, individual. Typical metal structures are mass-produced according to an agreed design drawing, which significantly reduces the time and cost of their manufacture. Individual orders for the manufacture of metal structures require considerable effort in the design, manufacture and installation.

Typical classification of metal structures

By appointment:

  • Bearing structures of buildings. These metal structures form the frame of the building. Rolled metal with a massive cross-section, such as a girder, channel, profile pipes, etc., is used for production. To strengthen the structure, nodes are welded with metal corners or wire. Examples: production enterprises, shops, workshops, warehouses, garages, hangars.
  • Bearing structures of road construction. Heavy and massive metal structures for the construction of bridges, flyovers, supports and overpasses.
  • Enclosing metal structures. These are metal structures for increased security, for example, fences, metal fences for stair flights, bumpers, handrails, gates, elevator portals, and others. “TD Altkon” company performed many works on the manufacture and installation of balcony fences and fences for stairs, decorated the stairs of the clothing store “COLIN’S” and metal fences for stairs and balconies of private houses.
  • Metal structures in trade halls, showrooms and exhibitions. The use of structures for storage, demonstration and decoration of the premises with the use of logos and branding of the client’s area. Such designs can withstand heavy goods and have a long shelf life. Stands for ceramic tiles, demo stands for stairs, demo stands for windows and doors, racks and racks, frames for showrooms, frames for exhibition stands and much more. The TD Altkon company has a large selection of developed drawings and has produced more than 3,000 different stands, including cooperation with the well-known ceramic factory “Zeus Ceramica“, the manufacturer of building mixes and sealants “Siltek“, the manufacturer of polycarbonate sheets “Soton“, the distributor of ceramic tiles and sanitary ware “Agromat” and furniture manufacturer “Merx“.
  • Decorative metal products. Loft style gained extreme popularity. These are simple and laconic products made of metal and wood, as well as convenient and durable in everyday life. Cafés, bars and restaurants often order individual and non-standard production of metal structures to stand out from the crowd. The company has experience in the production of metal decor elements in Loft style. “TD Altkon” company cooperated with the “11 Mirrors Design Hotel” in Kyiv, produced metal structures for the “Verholy Relax Park” recreation complex in Poltava, the Italian restaurant “il Molino” in Kyiv, and others.

By connection type:

  • Fully welded. In order to ensure better durability of the product, it is made integrally welded. For example, a stand for ceramic granite steps must withstand more than 80 kg of tiles. Welding of all parts gives a high degree of rigidity to the product.
  • Assembled – collapsible. In this type, a threaded type of connection is used. Metal elements are connected to each other with the help of bolts, screws, nuts, pins, etc.
  • Combined. Individual units are manufactured at the enterprise with the help of welding, and assembled into the finished product with the help of bolts and screws.

By type of design complexity:

  • Standard design. There are already products or drawings on them that can be repeated.
  • Non-standard design. It is produced according to individual wishes, sizes and other physical characteristics of the customer. It has no analogues.

Advantages and disadvantages of metal structures:


  • Resistance to aggressive biological factors.
  • Corrosion resistance of products painted with powder paint.
  • High installation speed.
  • Rigidity of structures.
  • Environmental friendliness of metal products.


  • The need for anti-corrosion treatment of metal elements.
  • Considerable weight of metal structures.

Production of metal structures to order

“TD Altkon” company develops and manufactures metal structures of any complexity and for any customer needs. You can bring your design with drawings or our design department will design it for you. The design department develops detailed drawings of the product, its components and controls all stages of production.

You can provide us with a description and schematic drawings of the order, according to which the designer will create design documents ready for production.

We can prepare a laser cutting map.

Production of metal structures

“TD Altkon” company has a full cycle of metal processing. This means that after the design of the order, all the necessary stages are carried out in one area: laser metal cutting, bending, welding of metal structures, surface grinding, threading, surface priming and powder coating.

Types of coating of metal structures

“TD Altkon” company has modern equipment for powder coating of products up to 6 m in length. Powder coating will give metal structures stability, durability and aesthetic appearance. The customer can choose any color according to the RAL scale.

The cost of production of metal structures

Prices for the production of metal structures are calculated individually and depend on the complexity of the project, volumes and terms of production, purpose and size of the order.

Your request for calculating the cost of metal construction

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