Standard production

Diesel generator casings

Preparing containers for high prices. Features of the design: Welded metal frame with rigid ribs.

Ceramic tile stands

Probability of stands and exhibits for individual substitutions.

HoReCa supports and frames

The Resistance series for the HoReCa Table of various type and application will allow you to pick up for your room the necessary design of furniture.

Loft style furniture

The main features of the loft style are space, no partitions, elements of decor in the industrial style. If we talk about the color scheme, the loft is characterized by cold tones, black and white shades, as well as the use of metal and chrome decor elements.

Lighting poles

Steel lighting poles made of galvanized metal are designed for installation on highways, city streets, in the yards of residential buildings, city squares, parks, alleys, squares, recreation areas, cottages, summer cottages, gas stations…

Metal doors

Metal entrance doors, characteristics, classes:
1. Safety is the most important indicator of quality;
2. Aesthetics – in addition to security, the front door should be harmoniously combined with the interior of the apartment;
3. Reliability – this characteristic is defined by big service life;