Why order a container for a generator?

In today’s realities, it is important for companies to maintain energy independence and to be able to work without interruption. This is the main reason to order and install a container for a generator and other electrical equipment.

For small cafés, bars, hairdressers and other businesses, a generator that can be installed near the establishment, protecting it with a cover, is usually enough. The casing will serve both to reduce the noise level and to protect against attempts to steal it or break it. Read more about covers for generators here.

But medium and large businesses need more complex and stronger projects that require more space and more equipment. A technological container, which we design and manufacture according to the specific needs and requirements of the customer, is well suited for this.

The container for the generator can be installed outdoors, and it will serve as a good protection against changing weather conditions. It will maintain a stable temperature regime and prevent moisture from entering the interior.

Also, a significant reduction in noise level is a very important reason for installing equipment in a container. Recent studies of our containers have shown that the noise level of a working generator in the middle of the container is 40-60 dB, which corresponds to the average noise level on the street.

Metal elements that may come into contact with the external environment are additionally treated with hot-dip galvanizing, which will protect the container from corrosion.

As an additional option, we can offer the installation of a generator in a container and its connection to electrical equipment in the middle of the container.

Thanks to the presence of your powder chamber, you can choose any color for the container and additionally put your company logo on it.

The container for the generator can be installed on a trailer, which will allow the container to be transported and relocated.

So, we can summarize the main advantages of ordering a technological container for a generator from Altkon LLC:

• Our own design office, which will develop a project of design documentation for your needs.

• Modern CNC machine tools on which we manufacture technologically precise products.

• The powder coating camera allows a wide selection of colors and textures.

• Experienced personnel, including an electrician who can connect the electrical equipment in the container.

• The design of the container is designed in such a way to make it convenient to install and service the generator.

• The container is designed in such a way that the equipment inside it works in the range of external temperatures +40C…-40C.